SeanMy father stayed at Oasis for about six weeks during his recovery from a broken hip. John, my pop, is let’s just say not the easiest person to please and/or get along with. He is somewhat of a hermit, not really a big fan of people in general, and certainly not used to interacting with a lot of individuals. I decided to remove my dad from the first nursing and rehabilitation facility he was admitted to after one week, based on the lack of attention from staff and overall in-organization.

Immediately upon arriving at Oasis and meeting the staff, I knew this would be so much better for my father, and it was. Every single individual we met or encountered while at Oasis was smiling and offered a warm greeting. The staff was extremely organized and attentive. The facility is open and bright, clean and roomy. From the front desk to the senior staff, to the physical therapist, to the social workers, all top notch, knowledgeable, and caring. I would highly recommend Oasis to anyone that is looking for a nursing and/or rehabilitation facility in South Florida.